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Public Works Department 
CITY OF KODIAK > Public Works


2410 Mill Bay Road • Kodiak, Alaska 99615
907.486.8060 • Fax 907.486.8066

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, except noon hour


E-mail Public Works Staff:

Wastewater Treatment Plant:
2853 Spruce Cape Road • Kodiak, Alaska 99615
907.486.8076 • Fax 907.486.8079

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, except noon hour

 E-mail Wastewater Treatment Staff:

Department Details:


Mission Statement

The Public Works Department is committed to providing a high quality and level of services to the residents of our community.  Our personnel are committed to anticipating and identifying problems and needs within our community and the development and implementation of creative and innovative solutions.  Services include the following:

  • Production and delivery of water for potable, industrial, and fire suppression use that meets or exceeds federal and state health and welfare standards. 
  • Collection, treatment, and disposal of the community's wastewater in a manner that meets environmental protection requirements.
  • Maintaining and repairing the complex network of streets, sidewalks, stairways, drainage systems, and retaining walls throughout our community.
  • Provide a building inspection program that promotes safe construction within our community.

Public Works Administration

The Public Works Administrative Division supervises and manages the Public Works Department.  This includes long-term planning, problem resolution, policy setting, aid in preparing and administering budgets, coordinating activities with other City and governmental agencies, and overseeing divisional purchasing and personnel functions.

Organizational Chart for Public Works


The Public Works Streets Division is committed to maintaining and repairing the complex network of streets, sidewalks, traffic control devices, stairways, storm drainage facilities, and street appurtenances throughout the City.  We are committed to constantly training our personnel to ensure that these systems are maintained in the best condition possible.  The safety of the general public in the use of these systems is of paramount importance.

See our Winter Maintenance Information Guide for more information.


Public Works Garage provides preventive maintenance and repair of the Cities automotive and heavy equipment.  This work will protect the public's investment in these resources and provide safe and dependable units using cost effective methods so that City employees can perform with a minimum of downtime.  Public Works Garage also provide the City with a fleet fuel dispensing system.  The division also provides technical assistance to departments in developing equipment related specifications, system and equipment design and failure analysis.

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Water Utility

The purpose of the Water Utility is to insure that the collection, treatment, storage, transmission and distribution of water is done in a professional manner which protects the public's health requirements.  To provide potable water that is satisfactory for drinking in its physical, chemical and biological characteristics.  To produce adequate quantities of water to meet the demands for consumption, industrial uses, and fire suppression in a cost effective manner that preserves the public's investment in the Water System.  All of this is done in accordance with EPA and ADEC regulations.

See our Consumer Confidence Report for more information.

Sewer Utility

The purpose of the Sewer Utility is to enhance the health and quality of life for City residents by insuring that the collection, treatment, and disposal of human waste is performed in a cost effective manner.  To ensure public and environmental safety, this is done in compliance with EPA and ADEC regulations.

See Biosolids Composting Pilot Test Final Report for more information.

Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for the review of building plans and conducts code compliance inspections for structures constructed within the City and the Kodiak Island Borough road system.  It is also responsible for zoning compliance associated with permitted structures.  Providing building code information to the public is an important aspect of this function.  The department has a deferral from the State Fire Marshal for plan review.  This means that commercial building plans are reviewed locally, not in Anchorage.  The department is an approved municipality for inspections with the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.  This means that the banks accept our inspections for their code requirements.

Visit the Building Officials page for more detailed buildings information.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

The goal of this SWPPP is to reduce or eliminate storm water pollution from industrial activity by requiring that the OPERATOR plan and implement appropriate pollution control practices to protect water quality.

See our Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for more information.

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