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City Charter



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 Clerks Note:

Clerks Note: This Internet copy of the Code was last updated August 2011 to include  ordinances enacted by the Kodiak City Council through April 2011. (Ordinance No. 1288, except  Ord. 1268, which is pending)  This site is provided as a convenience to the public. Although every attempt is made to ensure the information provided here is accurate, mistakes can be made. The official Kodiak City Code and original ordinances adopting these provisions are available at the City Clerk's Office, 710 Mill Bay Road, Room 216/217, Kodiak, Alaska.

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 The titles address the following twelve categories of municipal legislation:

  • Title 1 , General Provisions
  • Title 2 , Administration and Personnel
  • Title 3 , Revenue and Finance
  • Title 5 , Business Licenses and Regulations
  • Title 7 , Health and Sanitation
  • Title 8 , Public Peace, Safety, and Morals

The code is organized by subject matter under an expandable three-factor decimal numbering system. This is designed to facilitate supplementation without disturbing the numbering of existing provisions. Each section number designates, in sequence, the title, chapter, and section. Thus section 18.12.050 is Section .050, located in Chapter 12 of Title 18. In most instances, sections are numbered by tens (.010, .020, .030, etc.), leaving vacant positions between original sections to accommodate added provisions. Similarly, chapters and titles are numbered to provide for internal expansion. In parentheses following each section is a legislative history identifying the specific sources for the provisions of that section. This legislative history is complemented by an ordinance disposition table following the text of the code listing by number all ordinances, their subjects, and where they appear in the codification.

The City of Kodiak was incorporated as a municipal government (as the "Town of Kodiak") by Court Order No. S-2321 in the District Court for the Territory of Alaska, Third Division, on September 11, 1940. Kodiak became a home-rule city upon adoption of a charter by special election on March 16, 1965.

The Kodiak City Code (KCC) was drafted from the older "City Code of Kodiak (CCK)," which it replaced. The Kodiak City Code was originally published by Book Publishing Company in 1973, and has been kept current by regular supplementation.

During the original codification, the ordinances were compiled, edited, and indexed by the editorial staff of Book Publishing Company. In 1983, City Clerk Marcella Dalke instituted procedures for codifying ordinances in-house, and since December of that year, the City Clerk's office has been responsible for keeping the code current. In 1998, City Clerk William Maloney initiated changes in the format that made the published code more compact, reducing the material and energy resources expended in its publication. In 2000, City Clerk Debra Marlar published the entire City Charter and Code on the Internet, which is updated quarterly.

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