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Kodiak Port and Harbor
403 Marine Way, Kodiak Alaska 99615
907.486.8080 • 907.486.8090 Fax

Harbor Information:
Cruise Kodiak

Marina Information
Mooring Agreement
Port Information
Kodiak City Code 18.28 Port & Harbor Codes and Regulations
Tidal Grid
Harbor Links

E-mail Contacts

Summer Office Hours: Daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Winter Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
24 Hour staff available on VHF Channel 12 or 16


Kodiak is proud to offer a full range of dockage, boat yard and marine services for commercial fishing, cargo, passenger, and recreational vessels. The facilities are owned by the City of Kodiak; operated, and maintained by the City's Harbor Department.

Two harbors provide protected moorage for 650 vessels up to 150 feet in length. Large vessels, including the state ferry, cruise ships and cargo vessels are moored at the three-deepwater piers. Two inner-harbor docks are available for vessels up to 120 feet that may be used for loading and maintenance activities. All vessels must register with the Harbormaster's office for moorage, services, and dockage. Electricity and water are available at several locations and in most slips. Other services provided upon request.

If you are not familiar with Kodiak's port and harbor facilities, please call or visit the Harbormasters office. Comments and suggestions to improve service and facilities are always welcome. Harbor staff may be reached 24 hours per day, seven days per week on VHF channel 12 or 16. The office is open 8 * 5 Monday through Friday in the winter. During the summer months, the office is open 7 days per week.

Marina Information

The City operates two marinas: One downtown (St. Paul Harbor) and another on Near Island (St. Herman Harbor).

Most slips have access to water and electricity. Depending on the size of the slip, electricity up to 100 amp, 3 phase is available.

Exclusive (permanent) moorage is available in both harbors. Vessel owners desiring exclusive moorage may apply by completing the waiting list application. A $25 annual fee keeps a vessel on the list until a slip is offered. Slip assignments are based upon availability and vessel size. Waiting times vary depending on the length of the vessel.

Transient vessels will be hot-bunked in vacant slips on a short-term basis. Long-term hot-bunk slip assignments are possible on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact the harbor office for all assignments.

  • St. Paul Harbor (Downtown)
    250 slips – 24' to 60'
  • St. Herman Harbor (Near Island)
    325 slips – 17' to 150'

INNER HARBOR DOCKS – St. Paul Harbor (Downtown Marina)

  • Oscar's Dock: Vessels to 120' LOA
    . 242' x 40'
    . Uses: Gear loading/unloading, vessel repair
    . Services: Water and electricity
  • Dock 1: Vessels to 70'
    . 180' x 40'
    . Uses: Gear loading/unloading, vessel repair
    . Services: Water and electricity

Note: Stevedors are not required at inner harbor docks.

Moorage rates and other fees are listed in the Rates/Fees section.

Contact the Harbor Office at 907-486-8080 for more details.

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Port Information

Dockage & Wharfage Fees


Kodiak, Alaska 57º 47'15" N, 152º 24'00" W
The City of Kodiak is situated on the northeast corner of Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska, South of Anchorage and east of the Alaska Peninsula.


The City of Kodiak prohibits anchoring within the inner Boat Harbor Light 1 (LLNR 3536.10) to a point at position 57º 46'56" N, 152º 25'09" W, thence to the North Pacific fuel dock at position 57º 47'05" N, 152º 25'18" W, due to possible damage to the discharge line from the canneries in that vicinity.


North entrance buoy No. 4 off Spruce Cape. Pickup Point: Hutchinson Reef Buoy, East Channel Entrance: Humpback Rock off Cape Chiniak


Commercial carriers must use stevedore services at all port facilities. (Fishing vessels excluded)

All piers and docks are multi-use facilities.

  • Pier I – Ferry Dock
    204' x 28', 26.6' (MLLW)
    Uses: Ferry terminal, Petro Marine bulk fuel facility, and general use for mooring, loading, unloading of fishing and other types of vessels.  (No welding or open flames permitted at Pier1) 
    Services: Water, bulk fuel
  • Pier II – City Dock
    1050' x 64', 38' (MLLW)
    Use: loading/unloading of commercial freight, cruise ships, government vessels, gear work area, moorage for fishing vessels.
    Services: water, outside storage, warehouse
  • Pier III – Cargo Terminal: 490' x 64' (880' Bollard to Bollard). 38' @ MLLW.
    Uses: container services/general cargo, 30-ton Paceco container lift

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  • Cranes and boom trucks available through local vendors (up to 150 tons).
  • 30-ton Paceco container lift at Pier III Cargo Terminal.


Pilots can be contacted through Southwest Pilots Association in Homer Alaska (907) 235-8783. Twenty-four hour notice is requested. Pilot Boat - Tug: Kodiak King telephone (907) 486-5503, VHF channels 10, 12, 16 and Single Side Band 4125.
Pilot Station - 57º 44" N, 152º 22" W (St. Paul Rocks Morris Alfa Buoy).


Horizon Lines,
Inc.: 727 Shelikof St. Kodiak Alaska 99615 Telephone (907) 481-4200.


Rescue Coordination Center: United States Coast Guard, Search and Rescue (Kodiak Island) 1-800-478-5555 anywhere in Alaska, or VHF channel 16.


Kodiak Police Department 911 for police, fire, or ambulance services


Kodiak office: 305 Center Street, Suite 1 Telephone: (907)481-2900 Fax: 481-2905


  • Kodiak Oil Sales North Pacific Fuel, VHF channel 16 Telephone: (907) 486-3245
  • Petro Marine Services, VHF channel 10 Telephone: (907) 486-3421


Available at all port and harbor facilities.  Schedule through Harbormaster's Office.


Kodiak has a wide range of marine repair services available.  Most deck, hull, engine, radar, gyro, hydraulic, electrical, refrigeration, marine surveyors, tug boats and most all types of marine electronic repairs. Divers available for underwater surveys and repairs.


Alaska Marine Highway System (907) 486-3800 -Ferry service available at Pier I.
State Airport: Five miles from downtown. Daily scheduled flights to/from Anchorage.


Short and long term gear storage available through Harbormaster's office.


Disposal site at Harbormaster's Office: 403 Marine Way Kodiak, Alaska 99615 and at Pier 2 by appointment
Pumping service available upon request.


Available for vessel up to 350 tons.    Schedule through Harbormaster’s office.  Load and size limits apply.

Grid Use Agreement (Adobe Acrobat Reader File) must be signed before use.

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Vessel Moorage Agreement:

Vessel Moorage Agreement Form (Adobe Acrobat Reader file)